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Designs on sky

Power cut time. Cant do any better work :)

Asus Eee PC 1000HE Battery Backup

This what Asus says on 1000HE battery backup, well its when wifi is off, bluetooth is off, and is on power saving mode. It gives me a cool 7hrs plus !! With Wifi and on auto power mode!

Construction spot!

21062009019-712038, originally uploaded by ramkumar-kr.
A view from my friend Narayan's new home under construction

My PCs!

12072009032-719426, originally uploaded by ramkumar-kr.

My pcs. Prized possession! My desktop - i bought it when i joined my first IT job. Second is my asus eee pc 1000he!

Hyundai i20!!

18072009035-778905, originally uploaded by ramkumar-kr.
Not damaging the car! Fixing stereo and autocop..
By the way, not my car, it's my friend - Kiran's.

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